Our alumni go on to work in a variety of fields such as secondary education, higher education, TESOL, community work, prison education, workforce development, HSE/ABE instruction, writing center tutoring & administration, library education & administration, curriculum development and book publishing. To learn more about our alumni, please visit our recent graduates page here.

Find a sampling of the positions graduates of the Language and Literacy Program below:

Penny Rosenstein, L&L MA, 2021

Education Specialist, YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood

New York City, NY

Adrian Enriquez, L&L MA, 2021

Assistant Director, SONYC Program, Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering, New York City, NY

Triona Twomey, L&L MA, 2021

Head of English Department, EF Academy, Thornwood, NY

Rhode-Elise St. Jacques, L&L MA, 2021

Instructor, CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP), Bronx Community College, CUNY, Bronx, NY

Michael Rymer, L&L MA, 2021

Coordinator, Writing Center, School of Labor and Urban Studies, CUNY

New York, NY

Jorge Velez, L&L MA, 2021

Acting Assistant Director, First Year Experience at Queens College, New York

Queens, NY

Brittany Zayas, L&L MA 2020

Academic Specialist, Harlem Children’s Zone, New York, NY

Ibrahim Alhashidi, L&L MA, 2019

Academic Resource Center Coordinator, City College of New York, CUNY

New York, NY

Berioska Ipinza, L&L MA, 2019

ESOL Instructor, Queens Community House

Marina Palenyy, L&L MA 2019; Student, PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Composition Instructor, KIPP Nashville, Nashville, TN

James Dunn, L&L MA, 2019; MA in Journalism & Communications, American University; PhD candidate, PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics,  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2020-present)

Instructor, High School Equivalency Exam, BronxWorks, Bronx, NY (July 2021-present)

Bianca DeJesus, L&L MA 2018

Learning Specialist on the TEDx team at TED (aka TED TALKS)

Full-time job in New York City

Schindia Bidasee, L&L MA, 2017

Adult Education Coordinator

Bronx YMCA, Youth and Family Department

Bronx, NY

Maria Vint, L&L MA, 2016

PhD Candidate, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics (2019-present)

Instructor-in-Residence, Business Communications

University of Connecticut, Storrs

Kevin Kudic, L&L MA, 2016; MA, Education, Queens College, 2020; Current Student, PhD in Composition and Applied Linguistics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

English Language Arts Teacher, Newcomers High School, Long Island City, NY

Lisa Diomande, L&L MA, 2015

HSE Program Coordinator and Instructor

Henry Street Workforce Development Center

New York, NY

Stephanie Jean-Stern, L&L MA, 2015

Academic Resource Center Specialist

Writing Center, City College of New York

New York, NY

Joel Thomas, L&L MA, 2015

Corporate Trainer / Career Mentor

America Works of New York, Inc.

Raynira Tejada, L&L MA, 2015

Intake Advisor at the Washington Heights Library

Adult Learning Centers at the New York Public Library

Mark Jamison, L&L MA, 2014

Senior Program Manager of Learning Operations

ACS Workforce Institute (in partnership with CUNY School for Professional Studies)

New York, NY

Melissa Valerie, L&L MA, 2014

Lecturer, Metropolitan Equal Opportunity Center (MEOC

Adjunct Lecturer, English, John Jay College, CUNY

New York, NY

Tina Lee, L&L MA, 2013

Director of Education

Friends of Island Academy

Greater New York City Area

Mabel Batista, L&L MA, 2013

Instructor, CUNY Start, Bronx Community College

Bronx, NY

Garri Rivkin, L&L MA, 2012

Program Director, Academic Support Services

Co-Founder and Executive Director, City Tutors

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

The City College of New York, CUNY

New York, NY

Marco Fernando Navarro, L&L MA, 2012, PhD, Rhetoric & Culture, RPI, 2018

Lecturer, English Department, and Writing Center Director

Queens College, CUNY

Queens, New York

James Johns, L&L MA, 2011

ELL Instructional Facilitator

Reading Intervention for ELLs

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Oklahoma City, OK

Wynne Ferdinand, L&L MA, 2010

Director of Educational Partnerships and General Education

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

New York, NY

Megan (Kelly) Dausch, L&L MA, 2010

Senior Instructor, Adaptive Technology/Outreach

Helen Keller National Center, Long Island, NY

Justin March, L&L MA, 2009

Coordinator of Developmental Studies; Associate Professor and Coordinator of Developmental Studies

Jamestown Community College, SUNY

Jamestown, NY

David Goldberg, L&L MA, 2009

Assistant Professor, Tourism and Hospitality

Kingsborough Community College, CUNY

Brooklyn, NY

Sisnur Araujos, L&L MA, 2009

Intake Advisor/Case Manager

New York Public Library, Wakefield Branch

Bronx, NY

Lauren (Ball) Williams, L&L MA, 2009; PhD, English, St. John’s University

Assistant Professor of English

Thomas Nelson Community College

Hampton, Virginia

Toni D’Onofrio, L&L MA, 2008; PhD (ABD), Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Composition/TESOL

Chef/Culinary Arts Instructor, Department of Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Nutrition and Dietetics, Westchester Community College

New York, NY

Michael Burns, L&L MA, 2007, PhD, English, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Associate Professor, English Department

West Chester University

West Chester, PA

Jerry Farnett, L&L MA, 2000

Case Manager Community Care Hub, Counseling Department

Onondaga Community College, SUNY

Syracuse, New York

Mark McBeth, L&L MA, 1995

Professor, English Department, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY and CUNY Graduate Center

New York, NY

Qian Zhang Malkoff, L&L MA, 1993; PhD NYU Steinhardt School of Education, 2018

Instructor, Chinese & Social Studies, Edward R. Murrow High School, Brooklyn, NY