Barbara Gleason

Professor/Director/MA in Lang.&Lit.



Barbara Gleason currently serves as Director of the CCNY MA in Language and Literacy in the CCNY English Department and Editor of Basic Writing e-Journal. Her teaching focuses on writing, language, adult learning, literacy, teaching adults, writing centers, autobiography and basic writing. From fall 1993 to spring 1996, Barbara worked collaboratively with Mary Soliday as co-principal investigators of a FIPSE-funded three-year pilot project (“From Remediation to Enrichment: Evaluating a Mainstreaming Project” Journal of Basic Writing vol. 16 no. 1; “Evaluating Writing Programs in Real Time: The Politics of Remediation” College Composition and Communication vol. 51,  no. 4). And from 1997 to 2005, Barbara taught courses and supervised writing consultants at the CCNY Center for Worker Education. Barbara’s scholarship focuses on writing curriculum, program evaluation, adult learners and composition pedagogy. She has co-edited two books–Cultural Tapestry: Readings for a Pluralistic Society (edited with Faun Evans and Mark Wiley, Harper Collins 1992) and Composition in Four Keys:  Inquiring into the Field through Nature, Art, Science, and Politics (edited with Mark Wiley and Louise Wetherbee Phelps, Mayfield, 1997)–and, with Kimme Nuckles, co-authored The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Adult Learners (Bedford St. Martin’s, 2014). She recently published an essay written with five former graduate students: “Forming Adult Educators: The MA in Language and Literacy” (Barbara Gleason, Anita Caref, James Dunn, Erick Martinez, Lynn Reid and Maria Vint  —Journal of Basic Writing, vol. 37, no. 2).

Thomas Peele

Associate Professor

Director of First-Year Writing Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum



Tom Peele served as Director of the First-Year Writing Program from 2014-2020, when he became the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center. He earned his MA in English (Creative Writing) from The City College of New York, and a Ph.D. in English (Composition and Rhetoric) from the University of South Florida. At the beginning of his career, his work focussed on queer representation in popular culture. Over the years, his research interest shifted more to the study of teaching and learning. His current interests include the application of Growth Mindset concepts in composition classes. He also follows the work of the Meaningful Writing Project as a way to continue to strengthen connections between writing assignments, student identity, and student success. 

Missy Watson

Associate Professor



Missy Watson has been an assistant professor of composition studies at City College since 2014 where she regularly teaches graduate courses in the Language and Literacy MA Program. Her research interests include language ideology, second language writing, translingual writing, rhetorical genre studies, writing program administration, composition pedagogies, critical pedagogy, and authorship studies.